The engine block is a casing made out metal and contains the cylinder, crankcase, coolant passages and various other components.

Due to overheating or freezing, the engine block can form cracks, either internally or externally. Engine block cracks can be difficult to notice in the first place, but when the engine stops working completely, the cause can be cracks in the engine block.

How we can help with Engine Block Cracks:

  • Our technicians disassemble the engine block and remove every single part. Then they inspect the cracks and the overall condition of the block and assess whether repairs would be sufficient to bring it back in the original condition.
  • They use appropriate techniques for repairing the engine block. If the damage is substantial and calls for block replacement, we have high-quality products to serve the purpose.
  • We even replace the components that seem worn-out or get broken during disassembly, such as seals, gaskets, etc. Oils and lubricants are also added to the engine.

We perform a pressure test on the engine block to detect cracks, and if they are present, we provide genuine advice for their correction.