Engine Reconditioning & Rebuild Australia

We offer engine reconditioning services to the retail customers, fleet operators, as well as trade businesses across Melbourne. Our technicians are adept at reconditioning all types of engines, whether it’s petrol, diesel or LPG.

Our engine reconditioning process is mentioned below:

  • Disassemble the engine and clean all the parts
  • Test all the parts and look for signs of damage
  • Decide which parts require repairs, machining or replacement
  • Perform the repairs, machining and replacement activities
  • Reassemble the engine and test it properly

In some cases, the transmission system and clutch are also disassembled, checked, and worked upon to improve the fuel efficiency and performance of your vehicle.

Race Engine Reconditioning & Rebuild
  • Full engine Reconditioning
  • Cylinder head Reconditioning
  • Cylinder head, block and oil cooler pressure testing
  • Multi-angle valve seat machining
  • Valve re-facing and tip machining
  • Valve guide machining
  • Machining for screw in studs
  • K/lining valve guides
  • Block boring square to main tunnel
  • Diamond plateau honing
  • Torque plate diamond plateau honing
  • Dark room black light crack testing
  • Magnaflux magnetic particle crack testing
  • Conrod pin boring
  • Conrod resizing ( close and hone )
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • Balancing